Adult 2XL Long Sleeve Ice Dyed Ripple Tie Dye T-shirt


2XL Long Sleeve Ice dyed Ripple Tie dye T-shirt ~ $55.00

Adult 2XL unisex shirt, made by Gildan and hand dyed by us with fiber reactive procion dyes in our Ripple design, primarily in shades of blue and green. For this shirt we used a process known as ice dyeing where we apply raw dye powder and ice to the fabric and allow it to disperse slowly, over time with the force of gravity. Creating more of a watercolor like effect very different from traditional tie dye.

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 2XL Long Sleeve Ice dyed Ripple T-shirt

This one-of-a-kind 2XL Ripple tee was made using a technique we love known as ice dyeing. This is where we take the fabric and apply raw dye powder and ice and allow them to introduce themselves over an extended period of time. This allows the colors to split and break into their component parts and sometimes reconvene in unusual ways. I love the end result of these dyes; they have an almost watercolor like effect to them.

We believe in using only the best quality material for our hand dyed art that we can find. For our unisex cut tees, we prefer Gildan brand Ultra Cotton shirts. This one is a size 2XL. For our dyes we insist on the best fiber reactive dyes on the market. They form a molecular bond with the fibers of the cloth so you can rest assured your new art will not fade away.


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