thecrewI started Pieceful Worlds in 2001, when I was a single mother as a way to stay home with my darling daughter. A couple of years later I met Jonathan and we now have 4 beautiful children that inspire us in a myriad of ways every day.

In 2012 our focus changed from patchwork and dress making to tie dye and and it went from me working alone to us working together as all of our hand dyed fiber art is a collaboration of the two of us as Jonathan does all the design and ” tieing ” of the pieces and I do all the dye and color work. Since we each only do the part of the process that makes us truly happy we are able to infuse our joy in the process into each and every piece we produce. From time to time the kids even get in on the fun, so if we ever list anything they have made on the site we will be sure to tell you which of our 4 little monkeys helped with it.

We use fiber reactive dyes for all of our hand dyed goods, and only dye on all natural plant fibers such as cotton, hemp, linen and rayon. The dyes we use form a molecular bond with the cloth , and we take great care to make sure that all the spent dye is released from the piece before we send it on to you. So you can rest assured the dyes will not fade or run in the wash.